Rod Pod is the creation of Christopher Roberts, a machinist from Hammond, NY. Chris used to be the fisherman you would see attempting to find the perfect tree branch with a "V" notch in it to use as his fishing rod holder. None of the rod holders on the market were spectacular and anything sophisticated was just too difficult to set up. Not worth the time and lose most of your time setting up instead of fishing.


Chris decided to change the market. He found a way to clip fishing pole holders onto any five gallon fishing pail and make it work. Once he locked down the design, he went right to work on the prototype of the Rod Pod. The Rod Pod was born, right in front of his eyes and he knew he had to share with the fishing community.

The next step was to get his patent for his new invention. Chris received the patent for the Rod

Pod design and now with manufacturing complete, he has made the Rod Pod available for sale.

The Rod Pod makes for easy set up and is perfect for many different fishing situations. Its perfect for children who need a rod holder for their big day of fishing, makes a great fishing rod holder for boats, and can also be used for ice fishing when the temperatures get a little chilly.


Chris says he is not stopping at the Rod Pod and has many other products on the horizon to make life easier for consumers. The Paint Pod prototype is in the works and more ideas and products are on the way.


Rod Pod is proudly manufactured in the United States of America and is constructed of durable metal with each pod weighing approximately three pounds each.

Copyright 2016 Rod Pod, Inc.  | Patent #9,474,263


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